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Mrs. Kathy Carruth

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Gloria Harwerth

Mission Statement

St. Luke Catholic School welcomes each child in Jesus' name, developing within its students a love for God, learning and others.

St. Luke Catholic School works with parents to achieve this common mission by providing the opportunities for students to develop:

A love for God

†Realize God’s love for them

†Experience prayer in a variety of ways

†Know the basic doctrines of our Faith

†Develop a willingness to serve God through others

†Appreciate the sanctity of life


A love for learning

†Foster a sense of curiosity about creation

†Develop a discipline which helps them learn to the best of their abilities

†Be proficient readers, writers, speakers and listeners

†Be competent in mathematics

†Apply the scientific method in hands-on experiments

†Use library, computer and internet for research

†Experience and appreciate the fine arts


A love for others

†Value human diversity as an image of God

†Seek peace through communication and forgiveness

†Understand the Church’s teachings on Social Justice

†Accept responsibilities of being good citizens

†Demonstrate good manners